Grateful for False Freedoms

Today a 7 yr old told me they were grateful for freedom.

And I couldn’t help but cringe; freedom?

We are raised with this belief.

 How wonderful it is to live in America, how wonderful it is to be free.

Freedom to me is smoking a bowl after a twelve hour work day (which federally I’m not even truly free to do) a job I work to pay for a house I can barely afford falling down around me as the debt piles higher. Freedom to pay. 

Freedom to recognize that this is a privilege , because even feeling like I’m drowning is nothing compared to the lack of freedom people in true poverty have. Or the lack of freedom most young women have over their bodies. The lack of freedom our minorities have when they wonder if they’re safe to go out after the election of a racist and severe jumps in hate crime. The lack of freedom for our LGBT community to marry, date brig their SO to the prom. Freedom to get a college education, freedom to not live in fear, freedom to choose who you want to fuck and how to protect yourself . Too many feel secure and safe in our illusion of freedom. 

I wanted to ask the little boy what it meant to be free, but instead I smiled and I told him how great it was and I walked away to hide my cringe . I wonder if you’re grateful for freedom today?


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